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Well, we all know the eagle pop (our national bird) is decending. Auto correct wants defending. Me too! Saw a bald eagle today.

  Never would have seen it, if a nice man pointed my attention to it.
Thank you! (I did thank him in person FYI)



A part of me

So tragedy struck my family recently! My step-dad, friend and mentor passed. Went back to the motherland, Indiana.

All is well. Ty!!!

But also spent a lot of time reflecting and seeing old friends…

Saw my uncle with my bro at a cool new spot in the Fort. Hoppy Gnome!


And then visited with one of my most cherished friends!  
have i not seen before. All of them is a part of me! My stepdad who instilled to NEVER end a sentence with a preposition! My uncle, play hard. My brother, be cool! My pal, love all! Life is a quilt! Namaste peeps!


Complimentary Colors

Walking around Rodger’s Grove today. It was nice.  

Fall is in the air. The ducks are still around. And then, just as had completed the loop, Blue and I came across this funkadelic beauty… 

Hippy bushes! Oh so nice! And what pretty colors woven together! Who knew I would stumble upon a rainbow festivel in the brush? 😉

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A worm’s view.

Blue and I were walking around the lake today, and I was thinking about our themes. (Yes, I am not a quitter, although I lapse at posting). 😦 anyways, was thinking about what it would feel like to be so small (such as a worm) living in a big, big world. And, voila!


 Just big, nameless, faceless shapes moving amongst me. HArmless, unless provoked. Kinda like life, I suppose. Cheers! 


Single tree

I took Blue to the local dog part in Longmont.

He had such a blast, even though we were the only ones there. Like the single tree.

It occurred to me that I never took Blue to a dog park while I lived in Littleron this past year. Perhaps Blue believed that Colorado didn’t have dog parks? Psych!


In the park

On our way to discover McIntosh park near our new home in Longmont, Co, Blue and I discovered this cute gem. It is a little free library on the trail to the park! What a cute idea!   
And then, of course, Blue needed a cool down at the lake! I heart Colorado!